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1. Special Offers, Courses, Workshops and Membership Programs:


πŸŽ‰ Registration is open!

A Course in Miracles online workshop: "My Salvation Comes From Me - So Why Isn't It Happening?"

Discover the course's surprising answer and gain clarity on the course's teachings with this easy to follow and implement online workshop.

This is for you if you are:

πŸ‘‰ Curious about A Course in Miracles;
πŸ‘‰ Making your first steps with A Course in Miracles;
πŸ‘‰Or a long-time Course in Miracles enthusiast;

And you're looking to gain more peace, love, and happiness in your life through the course's profound psychological and spiritual teachings and exercises.



🎁 Free Training:

Learn to meditate with ease, and gain peace, health, and clarity

Our celebrated meditation training is still free at the moment - 

take advantage of that and gain the wonderful benefits of meditation.


Limited time coaching special!

Life can be painful and challenging sometimes. Painful emotions and destructive beliefs can literally ruin our lives.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

And with our Once In a Lifetime Coaching Special, you can make the breakthrough you were waiting for without worrying about your budget! 


A Course in Miracles - The Better Life Miracles Membership Club πŸŽ‰

What would it look like for you to get clarity on new questions and topics every month - and top it up with heart-opening meditations?
Become a founding member of the Better Life miracles membership club -

It's all about getting your questions, needs and interests answered.

It's your on-demand library, ready for you whenever you are, with new in-depth videos every month, Q&A sessions, interviews, and easy access to all previous videos.

And the new content that I add every month?
Is based on what you want to know!


E-School: The Enneagram school

The Enneagram is a complex dynamic model,

that helps you understand your personality, strengths, and challenges.

It enables you to examine how you relate to yourself and others and the world.

It helps you know yourself better, your automatic defense mechanism, the personality patterns you operate from - and WHY.

It helps you relate to others better and build better relationships.

It helps you fulfill your full potential.

It helps you avoid your habitual traps.


It helps you get more of the benefits and the gifts of your type and less of the pitfalls.


Things like, "I can't believe I did that again."
Or "Why does this keep happening to me?"
Or "Why do I always do this even though I already know it always brings me into trouble?"

The Enneagram helps with all this and so much more.

A lot of my success as the coach goes to a good understanding of what the Enneagram is,
how it affects our lives, and how to implement it in my own life and the lives of others.

But the bottom line of it is that the Enneagram is a journey 
of self-discovery that helps you change your life.

It's super practical if you choose to make it so.

Properly used or with the right knowledge or the right help, you can use that not just to understand yourself and others, but also to make extremely beneficial changes in your life.

And in E-School™, the Enneagram school, we help you harness the power, wisdom, and compassion of the Enneagram for your happier, better, more awakened life.

I want to know more about E-schoolβ„’, the Enneagram School, please!

The Enneagram Blueprint Mastery™ - Special Presale Opportunity

The Enneagram is much more than just your main type’s description, as crucial as it is...  

In this groundbreaking upcoming course, you will take a deep dive into the power of the Enneagram to transform your life, and learn:

 The way each type creates the ‘reality’ that aligns with their belief  (The way I do it to myself).

 How each type’s tactics create what they are afraid of, what they are trying to avoid.

 The traps of each type.

The paradox of each type. 

The turning point of each type.

 The key for the growth of each type.

The change of focus each type must make for authentic growth and happiness.

Exercises for the growth & awakening of each type. 

How to get along with each type.

Wings & Arrows and how they influence each type.


In this course, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the Enneagram’s transformational, inspiring insights and priceless revelations of how our minds work & why we act, feel, and think the way we do.

Then we’ll deep-dive together into some of the most practical, transformational aspects of the Enneagram that you’ll ever be exposed to.

There’s nothing like this course out there.

This sounds amazing! I want to know all the details about The Enneagram Blueprint Masteryβ„’, please!

Limited Seats Available


100% free, no-obligation, no strings attached consultation call ($215 value).

Seats are limited as Eldad's time is limited.

A free 40-minute call to find out what’s blocking you and what’s the best course of action to break through it.

I'll help you gain clarity and insight into what's standing in your way and how to overcome it.

And if I think I can help you long term,
and we both believe that we’re a good fit for working together,
I might invite you to our exclusive Break-Through!™ mentorship program.

If not, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.


I want to book my free breakthrough call with Eldad now, please!

2. Free Resources:


🎁 Free Training:

Learn to meditate with ease, and gain peace, health, and clarity

Our celebrated meditation training is still free at the moment - 

take advantage of that and gain the wonderful benefits of meditation.


A Course in Miracles - The Free Searchable Online Version πŸŽ‰

As someone studying, practicing, and teaching the love, truth, and wisdom of A Course in Miracles since 2005, I'm delighted to offer this free, online, searchable version of A Course in Miracles for all to use, enjoy and work with.

Our free, online version of the course is designed to be fun and easy to use even on your phone so that you could take the course anywhere you go - and still be able to enjoy reading it.


The Ultimate Guide to B-AIR(™): How to stop creating unnecessary suffering in your life in 4 simple steps


Grab your free copy of the ultimate guide to B-AIR(™) and learn 4 simple steps that will help you to relieve painful emotions, overcome destructive beliefs, and stop creating unnecessary suffering in your life

Using this guide you will discover:

❓ What is the difference between pain and suffering, and how to relieve the pain.

❓ What is the secret formula of suffering?

 β“ What is our part in creating our suffering (without even noticing we’re doing it!)

❓ Why suffering is unnecessary, avoidable and even preventable.

❓ What are the surprising benefits of your pain?

πŸ‘‰ And how to stop creating your suffering.

Give me my free guide, please!

πŸ“’ The ultimate guide to A Course in Miracles:
What is it, what does it teach - and what must you know about it?

In this Ultimate Guide to A Course in Miracles, I answer the most common questions I get asked about A Course in Miracles, and shed light on this life-changing course, dubbed "a modern spiritual classic."

In this free guide, you'll find answers to the most common questions people ask me about A Course in Miracles, such as:  

βœ… What does A Course in Miracles teach? What are the main principles of the course?

βœ… What are miracles in A Course in Miracles?

βœ… Who created the world?

βœ… Is a course in miracles a religion? Is it based on any religion? Is it Christian?

βœ… Is A Course in Miracles telling us to worship Jesus?

βœ… How was A Course in Miracles written? Who is the author?

βœ… What is the goal of A Course in Miracles?

βœ… Do I need to buy A Course in Miracles to study it?

βœ… How do I know if ACIM is for me?

And so. much. more.


πŸ“’ FREE Show

The Enneagram Blueprint™ Show

I got a secret...

A secrete that has helped me transform my life since 2005.

A secret that had brought incredible results to my coaching clients since 2009, when I became a certified Enneagram coach.


My coaching clients already know how transformational the enneagram can be.

They shared it with you in the many testimonials you can now see on my website and emails.

But the enneagram only works well if you really know how to use it well...

This is a big issue these days as the enneagram became super popular, and many people write and talk about it without knowing enough.

  • It helps you know yourself better, your automatic defense mechanism, the personality patterns you operate from - and WHY.
  • It helps you relate to others better and build better relationships.
  • It helps you fulfill your full potential.
  • It helps you avoid your habitual traps.

Until now, I only spoke about the Enneagram with my coaching clients.

You will not find any online content of mine about it.

But now, my friends, this is changing.
It's time for us to talk about the enneagram.

What I'll be telling you about the enneagram as of today?

Might change your life and rock your world as it changed mine 16 years ago and to this day.


That's why I'm happy to gift you the Enneagram Blueprint™ show.

 For example, in the 1st episode, you'll find out:

  • What is the Enneagram?
  • Why is it changing so many people's lives?
  • What does it tell you about yourself and others?
  • Why is it critical for all your relationships?

And so much more.
And that's just the 1st episode!

We follow it with 9 more episodes, one for each type, in which you'll learn:

  • What are the core building blocks of your personality?

  • What determines your actions, thought and emotions?

  • What is each type's core belief, fear, and need?

  •  What is each type's automatic focus of awareness and action?

  • What are each type's gifts and shadows?

  • What are the prices each type pays for their strategy?

  • What is each type's ultimate mission for growth & happiness?


And so. much. more.

The Enneagram Blueprint Show is the best Enneagram introduction content out there, with over 10 hours(!) of free, detailed, high-quality Enneagram videos to help you deepen your understanding, and practical usage, of the Enneagram.

This is the first step in a beautiful, transformational journey of self-discovery that will help you become the person you want to be and have the better life you want to have.

Yes please! I want to watch the Enneagram Blueprintβ„’ show for free!

3. Publications:


Shine on you crazy diamond: Essence, personality, ego, suffering, Enneagram... And Pink Floyd.


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Whose voice is it? Your authentic self's guidance - or the ego's?


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3 levels of Karma, and the end of suffering


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Enneagram Type 9 Blueprint: The Conflict-Avoidant Peacemaker


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Enneagram Type 8 Blueprint: The Aggressive Protector


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Enneagram Type 7 Blueprint: The Hedonistic Visionary


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Enneagram Type 6 Blueprint: The Doubting Loyal


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Enneagram Type 5 Blueprint: The Detached Intellectual


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Enneagram Type 4 Blueprint: The Dramatic Creative


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Enneagram Type 3 Blueprint: The Self-Promoting Achiever


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Enneagram Type 2 Blueprint: The Proud Helper


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Enneagram Type 1 Blueprint: The Critical Reformer


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What is the Enneagram, and why is it changing so many people's lives?


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Why are we sad and unhappy? (The nun, the pizza and the causes of suffering)

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“I can’t meditate, my thoughts are racing”


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An Interview with the Devil


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The key to real freedom, happiness and safety


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What do you want to have more of in your life: Love or fear? (The wolves story)


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When things get really tough... What to do with stress?


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The #1 question Jews and Israelis ask about A Course in Miracles


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What is coaching - and how does it help you?


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Are we living in different worlds?


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How To Easily Overcome Your Fears And Dramatically Increase Your Chances For Success And Happiness In Life.


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The Real Elections


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What’s your apology language?


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Love's forgiveness Vs. the ego's forgiveness: Forgiveness as a practice for a happier, better life.


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The problem with the most important day in the Jewish tradition


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My bleeding heart (and how I take care of it)


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A Birthday Dance With The Devil: How I made my way out of the flames of anger, hate and frustration


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Can we let go of our fears, beliefs, and stories?


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What's more important for your better life - psychology or spirituality?


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Changing Habits: What You Must Remember When You’re Working On Changing Your Habitual Patterns


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Relationships: I feel stuck, It’s a checkmate.


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🀷‍♂️What is spiritual awakening anyway? (a clear, simple explanation)


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Why I love father's day more than my birthday (and why is that relevant to you)


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Should I trust God or tie the camel?


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Ever tried pouring the ocean into a cup?


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The key cause of suffering


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The key to happiness


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Stressed? Worried? Can’t sleep? People are calling these 4 simple steps “a mind saver in all situations!”


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Meditation Q&A - Free meditation training: How to meditate?


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The 4 critical things you must do to have peace, happiness, health, and clarity in times of global crisis, stress and uncertainty


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Corona Stress special: 7 tips & 5 resources for overcoming your Corona Stress in a mindful, healthy way


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There’s no way around suffering if you want to be happy


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Ah, so: The monk that wouldn’t get upset


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Learning is beautiful and exciting… but can information bring real transformation?


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We judge all the time - what’s the problem with that? (and what you can do about it)


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The Comprehensive Guide To Gratitude: 10 critical benefits and 13 practices that really work.


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What are 'miracles' in A Course in Miracles?


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Are the bible and religion telling us the truth about God?


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Dealing with emotional pain: The farmer that never knew


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Why do we have to suffer to grow, god damn it?


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What is our ego’s secret ‘salvation plan’ for happiness, and why is it never going to work?


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The new year doesn't solve your problems - but this tip for a better life helps a lot


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Jesus Christ! Can it be that A Course in Miracles teaches the opposite of Christianity?


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The forgotten secret to making better choices


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What if you found that you’re never upset for the reason you think?


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Better Life through art: 7 paintings, 7 beautiful lessons on 7 phases in life


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Is Reincarnation Possible, and Why Should We Care?


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“What do you mean ‘we’re all one’, and how does that help me deal with my suffering?”


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When I find myself in times of trouble (and painful emotions), this story changes everything


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My favorite, most effective 5 ways for a healthy quick relief when emotional pain comes to visit again.


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You can be right or you can be happy - Why we love being right (and what’s the price we pay for that)


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Why do we strive for anything? And how do we know what we can't change and when to stop trying?


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Why I ended up in the hospital on my birthday, and what you can learn from that about suffering and happiness


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Let go - a story-joke by Mooji


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My birthday gift to you


Learn More

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