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Why I love father's day more than my birthday (and why is that relevant to you)

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(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 3 minutes)

Hey there Better Lifers!  

I used to hate my birthday.

It was a combination of unpleasant experiences,
expectations that didn’t get met, and, of course,
hating myself.

And then, in 1995, the biggest tragedy of my life happened:

My best friend took his own life only a few hours after we finished celebrating my birthday.

Nothing was ever the same since then, 

And needless to say - my relationship with my birthdays,
which was already pretty bad, got even worse.


But that is not why I love father’s day more than my birthdays.

I actually made peace with my birthday -
and with myself and my existence
(an inevitable part in the growth of anyone who hates - or even dislikes - himself).

It was a lot of work, and sometimes it all creeps back in  -
but I know how to handle it now.
I’m on top of it.

And I genuinely enjoy my birthdays now.

They became a great time for my favorite thing in life:
giving and receiving love,
and also a great reason to take a break and do something fun.

You might remember that my last birthday was quite an unexpected ride,
but part of it was camping on a beautiful blue lake surrounded by green trees.


So there’s so much love and joy on my birthdays nowadays -
even if I end up in the hospital…

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out here -
it was one of my most popular posts yet - you can read about it here.)


And yet, I love father’s day better.


Because of this significant difference:

On my birthday, I receive love because of me.
It’s all about me - and there’s nothing bad or wrong about that.
I enjoy it. I’m neither enlightened nor beyond it.

But on father’s day, despite the day’s name, it’s about ‘us’:
My boy, my wife, and myself. 

What I celebrate on father’s day is not so much ‘me’ as much as the incredible love that I get to share with my son and my wife.
Without them, I would not be a father.

I celebrate Love that is out of this world and comes to my awareness through relationships.



I celebrate something much bigger than me.


I celebrate Love, I celebrate family, I celebrate relationships, I celebrate (the cycle of) life and birth.

I celebrate the joy and magic of being a part of something much bigger than me.

I celebrate that.

I tap into that.
I feel that.
And I’m grateful for that.

Yes, I can do that on my birthdays too-
but it’s just much more evident and dominant on father’s day for me.

And that is much better than celebrating ‘me’ -
even now, when I love celebrating my birthdays.

Even now, when there is no ‘spiritual ego’ judgment about celebrating ‘me.’

And that’s also why you don’t need to be a parent to benefit from what I’m sharing with you here.

It’s a specific form of a universal experience -
the experience of being part of something greater than ‘you.’

You can celebrate that with any relationship that you might have-
friendship, the one with your parents, brothers, sisters, dog, cat, plants...

Even if you think you are entirely alone and without friends or family who love you, you are still part of the cosmic show.

You can find it when you connect with nature -
plants, animals, rivers, oceans, mountains, stars...

You can feel it when you meditate, do the dishes, play guitar, surf, paint…

And you can - through studies and practice -
bring more and more of that into your awareness and your life.

Learn -> Practice -> Experience -> Transform™.

All it takes is your little willingness.

And you don’t have to do it alone.


To your better life,
with tons of 💖

Eldad Ben-Moshe
Founder, Teacher, and Coach
Better Life Awareness Center


This is not really about me or my coaching offers.

Yes, people love my coaching and see great benefit in it.
And yes, I’m offering an incredible, affordable opportunity right now.

But the whole point is that while help and guidance can be very beneficial,

your joy, peace, and better life are never dependent on anything external.

Nothing. Never. Ever.