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When things get really tough... What to do with stress? better life tips inspirational questions answered relationships stress suffering Jun 07, 2021

By Eldad Ben-Moshe (Reading Time:  2 minutes)

Hey there Better Lifers!



You might have recently suddenly felt it.
Or you might have been feeling it for a while now.

More and more people are feeling it recently - 
even though we seem to be past the peak of...

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A Birthday Dance With The Devil: How I made my way out of the flames of anger, hate and frustration awareness b-air better life tips inspirational mindfulness personal stories stress suffering Aug 24, 2020

(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 6 minutes)

Hey there Better Lifers!

560 fires. At the same time.

California is burning.

Over 1,000,000 acres have already burned in 1 week.

How big is that?

It’s like of the grand canyon burning on fire.

It’s like the entire island of Maui,...

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What's more important for your better life: Psychology or Spirituality? awareness better life better life tips habits inspirational mindfulness spiritual Aug 02, 2020


(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 2 minutes)

Hey there Better Lifers!

Who got it right - the east or the west?

Yes, you can see spirituality in the west, and psychology in the east.
But by and large, the west focuses on psychology.
The east on spirituality.

But the fact is that you...

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Changing Habits: What You Must Remember When You’re Working On Changing Your Habitual Patterns awareness better life better life tips coaching habits inspirational suffering Jul 27, 2020

Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 2 minutes)

Hey there Better Lifers!

Life is full of challenging times.

That, in and of itself, is out of our control. 
It’s an inevitable part of living; it’s part of the deal.


What we can control is how we react, how we...

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Why I love father's day more than my birthday (and why is that relevant to you) better life tips happiness inspirational mindfulness personal stories relationships spiritual what i learned from my son Jun 23, 2020

(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 3 minutes)

Hey there Better Lifers!  

I used to hate my birthday.

It was a combination of unpleasant experiences,
expectations that didn’t get met, and, of course,
hating myself.

And then, in 1995, the biggest tragedy of my life happened:


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There’s no way around suffering if you want to be happy awareness better life coaching happiness inspirational suffering Mar 09, 2020

(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 5 minutes)

A dear friend of mine confessed to me this week that she is having a very hard time.
It was really both beautiful and heartbreaking to hear her.
Human life can be so hard, you know?

It’s important to know and acknowledge this,
because you...

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