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When things get really tough... What to do with stress?

better life tips inspirational questions answered relationships stress suffering Jun 07, 2021
When things get really tough...

By Eldad Ben-Moshe ✨ (Reading Time:  2 minutes)

❤ Hey there Better Lifers!



You might have recently suddenly felt it.
Or you might have been feeling it for a while now.

More and more people are feeling it recently - 
even though we seem to be past the peak of the COVID effects on how we live our lives, and things are more and more "getting back to normal."


The stress might be pressing down on your temples,
creating a massive headache.

It might be like a big fat elephant sitting on our chest,
making it had to breathe.


It might be making your stomach turn inside out,
your feet too heavy to move,
your arms too heavy to lift.

So many people are having a hard time right now... 😢


So what can you do about stress?


The immediate thing I want you to do is to focus only on step 1, which is the most important thing:

What is it?

But I mean, really, really breath.
Not the shallow, automatic breathing that happens to you.


You'll need to actively, consciously breathe. 

Stop everything else, close your eyes, and take at least 10 deeeeep, looong breaths through your nose.

The most important thing as you do that is to focus on the physical sensation of the air coming in and out of your nostrils.


Now count your breath as you go.


And if you're not relaxed enough when you reached 10?


Keep. On. Breathing.
Nothing else is important right now.
You can't be really efficient or wise when you're that stressed anyway.

With all honesty, you're likely to need at least 20-30 deep long breaths.
Many times you'll need more.

But what can be more important than this right now?
And how long does it really take to take 30 deep long breaths?

And how good does it feel to take them -
or even just to allow that to yourself?

Put everything else on hold for a few moments, and finally, really breathe.
It's probably been too long since you did that.

And don't worry - this is not instead of dealing with the things that bother you.

This 1st step will momentarily take your mind away from the things that stress you out, quiet your mind, connect you with the deepest parts of your being.


It will allow you to go back to whatever is bothering you with the ability to respond from wisdom and freedom rather than stress and fear.

Now let go, close your eyes, and breathe...


To your better life,
with tons of 💖

Eldad Ben-Moshe 
Founder, Teacher & Coach 
Better Life Awareness Center