Real change IS possible.


Hi, I'm Eldad.

I'm known for helping busy, successfulย executives & entrepreneurs overcome personal and professional crisesย that destroys their lives and joy of being so that they can finallyย enjoy their success now - not 'someday', and elevatingย limitless leaders into living legends.ย 

Together, you and I achieve that through my unique system: Holistic EMS coachingโ„ข (EMS= Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual),ย that helpsย youย overcome fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame, painful emotions, sabotaging habits, and destructive beliefs.

Personal & professional development EMS coachingโ„ข helps executives & entrepreneurs cultivate Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual mastery, establish and maintain healthy habits, make better decisions,ย and live the happier, better life they want and deserve.ย 

It combines psychological & spiritual awakening to achieve real, long-term, personal & professional growth, overcome personal and professional life crises, and build iron-strong emotional & mental resilience.

The Pyramid of Crisis Transformation

As seen on

Coaching Foundation
Enneagram Paths
I Choose Peace
Best wellness center

As seen on

Coaching Foundation
Enneagram Paths
I Choose Peace
Best wellness center

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So now that you saw that real change IS possible... 

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