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in your personal life as well.


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You keep crushing it at work, but also: 


  • Loving yourself and your family more fully. 
  • Replacing terrible lifestyle habits with the healthy ones you always wanted.
  • Not missing out on your loved ones' special moments.
  • Having iron-strong emotional & mental resilience.
  • Overcoming personal and professional life crises. 
  • Done with feeling like a bad parent and partner who neglects their family and their own well-being. 

This is the simple, clear, proven system we're using to help our successful, driven, high-achieving clients.

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L.L.B, B.A.


Founder of the Better Life Awareness Center.


"You have every right to have a better life.

No one is stopping you but your false beliefs and your decisions.

My mission here is to support your progress and help you avoid -
and overcome -
the traps on the path."


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I'm known for helping busy, successful executives & entrepreneurs overcome personal and professional crises that destroys their lives and joy of being so that they can finally enjoy their success now - not 'someday', and elevating limitless leaders into living legends. 

As a certified coach since 2009, and a researcher, practitioner, and student of the human mind and grounded, no-fluff spirituality, I use my understanding of the human mind and my passion for living life to the fullest to empower others to step into who they really are.

Together, you and I achieve that through my unique system: Wholistic EMS coaching™ (EMS= Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual), that helps you overcome fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame, painful emotions, sabotaging habits, and destructive beliefs.

I developed it through years of professional experience - and personal challenges and victories as well. As tough as they were, 2 life-threatening depressions without pharmaceuticals, an abusive relationship, a harsh divorce (and more) didn't stop me from growing better and stronger. On the contrary.

Did I mention already that life can be hard?

It's not a slogan - it's coming from personal experience.

But life's challenges don't have to be overwhelming, paralyzing, or "a problem."

Personal & professional development EMS coaching™ helps executives & entrepreneurs cultivate Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual mastery, establish and maintain healthy habits, make better decisions, and live the happier, richer life they want and deserve.

It combines psychological & spiritual awakening to achieve real, long-term, personal & professional growth, overcome personal and professional life crises, and build iron-strong emotional & mental resilience.

My coaching and courses will help you make the mind, emotion, and soul connection to uncover your true power, unleash your full potential - and live the most authentic version of yourself. That's a good thing... But only if you want to be peaceful and happy.

But don't take my word for that. Instead, see what my clients are saying: 

Life can be hard,

but it doesn't have to be.

Real change IS possible.

See what my clients are saying:

Goga, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Goga Brelih,

Founder and Managing Director at Leverage the Energies

"To sign up for coaching with Better Life Awareness was one of the best decisions and investments in my growth and expansion in 2020.

Eldad is a very professional coach, an expert in the field with great intuition."

Natalie, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Natalie Pinnell,

Founder - Vida Virtual Support

"In just a few short weeks of working with Eldad I felt like an entirely different person.

So much personal growth and awareness and I am living a much more balanced and centered existence.

I feel resilient and equipped to handle what life throws at me.

Eldad creates a powerful safe space full of compassion and incredible insight and gives you lifelong tools to help support you in creating the life you want to live. "


 Transcend the bounds of conventional coaching - 

join the revolutionary way to transform your life.

Elevating limitless leaders into living legends.


Welcome to the forefront of executive and entrepreneurial transformation, where we push the limits of what's possible and guide successful, driven high-achievers like you toward a life that's truly extraordinary.

Are you ready to transcend the bounds of conventional life coaching and become a living legend?

We don't believe in just fixing problems or managing stress. We believe in transforming you into a leader who inspires others, achieves their biggest dreams, and creates a legacy that lasts long after they're gone. We believe in human potential to do that. Our approach is designed to empower you to reach your full potential and live a life truly worth living - the life of a living legend.

Stress, fear, guilt, shame, anger, and frustration are just speedbumps on the road to greatness. We know that you are at the top of your game in business, and we're here to help you enjoy your success while taking control of the other parts of your life as well.

  • We know it's difficult to keep succeeding at work without sacrificing time with family, kids, and friends.
  • We know your career and drive for success are so demanding that it's hard to maintain the healthy lifestyle you want and deserve to live.
  • We also know how lonely it can get.

Don't let these challenges hold you back any longer. A truly legendary life isn't only about crushing it at work. 


With our unique perspective, expert guidance, top-of-the-class proprietary wholistic method, and empowering, supportive approach, you'll have the tools, resources, and support you need to lead a truly fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

Don't settle for the mediocrity of conventional coaching.

Join us now on the frontier of transformation and become a living legend. Start today by clicking the "Become My Legend" button below.

Yes, I want to Become My Legend - show me how!

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Real change IS possible!

And you don't have to go through it alone.


What my clients are saying:

Patricia, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Patricia Keeler,

Somatic Coach, Empowered Sensitivity

"When I began working with Eldad, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

As a coach myself, I have received assistance from a wide variety of individuals with varying levels of skill.

Eldad is the real deal.

His understanding of and blended approach in using A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram, and business foundations is a rare delight. 

He is very intuitive at pushing to the exact extent that is truly helpful.

His work will help anyone who is looking for practical grounded tools that can help them move forward to a place of deep satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

Working with Eldad has been a GREAT decision ~ and I do not hesitate for one moment to wholeheartedly recommend his coaching and classes."


D. Maren,

Musician and Educator

"Eldad is a compassionate guide. His analysis of the Enneagram helped me understand myself and my husband more than years of therapy. "

Mallory, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Mallory McClelland,

The Now Age Mom, INC.

"Between his in-depth questionnaires that made me think and his wonderful coaching sessions, Eldad was able to help me type myself.

Once I discovered I was most definitely a type 4 a lot opened up for me!

I was able to see myself not as a failure or broken, but instead see that I was either in a healthy or unhealthy state.
I also learned that some of my patterns were very normal for type 4's and that helped me neutralize negative beliefs around that.

I love working with Eldad so much because he creates a safe and honest space where you can truly let go and receive guidance.
Thank you Eldad! "

Patricia, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Simcha Schwartz,

Director of Development,  Wilderness Torah

"Eldad is a fantastic, intuitive and experienced coach,

who offered me and others in my organization professional and compassionate coaching."

sarah, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Sarah Thomas

"I am honestly amazed at how much I have learned about myself!

It has been very revealing to uncover negative thought patterns which have been leading to anxiety and unhappiness.
I am very grateful for the peace it has brought me to shine a light on these ideas and to learn that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Eldad is very gifted at gently guiding you to uncover for yourself the possible roots of your own unhappiness.
He then teaches you how to unlock rigid thought patterns and ideas in order to find inner peace and happiness.

I can think of no better guide for the process - with laughs, smiles and kindness, I am very grateful for Eldad’s coaching and the peace these lessons continue to bring me."


Join the revolutionary way to transform your life.

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And you'll also get our B-AIR™ guide:

How to relieve painful emotions, overcome destructive beliefs, and stop creating unnecessary suffering in your life in 4 simple steps.

Join us now, and start your journey to Living a Happier, Better, more Awakened Life.

"The most important things to know about suffering are that we do it to ourselves, and how to stop doing that. 


The most important things to know about pain are that it's our greatest teacher - and how to learn from it.

The main difference between them is that pain is unavoidable and part of life, but suffering is optional and self-made. It's an inside job."


- Eldad Ben-Moshe


Present. Loving. Peaceful. Happy.

And live a happier, better, empowered life.

A life of fulfillment, presence, and purpose.

A life worth living.

The life of a living legend. 

A more balanced harmonious life.


A truly legendary life is legendary on both fronts: Professional AND  Personal.

If you are successful at your career, but you lose your family, your health, your sanity, or your joy of living...

Is that really a successful life?

With the right resources and guidance, you can overcome the beliefs and patterns that sabotage your life, and create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle. 

You CAN have more quality time with your family WITHOUT abandoning your career, business, or drive for success.

And you DON'T need to wait for the holidays to be with them.

To REALLY, FULLY BE with them. 

People talk a lot about "work-life balance,"
but it's much more accurate to see it as work-life HARMONY.


A perfect balance will never happen. 
Life is too dynamic, fast, hectic, unexpected, and, well, alive... 

And your work and your "life" (e.g., family life) aren't 2 separate things that live on 2 opposite sides of the scale! 

No, they are intertwined, merging with each other, "leaking" into each other, engulfing and playing with each other...


Not like this:



 But like this:


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Legend Coaching™


Real change IS possible!
And you don't have to go through it alone.

Together, you and I achieve that through my unique system: Wholistic EMS coaching™ (EMS= Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual), that helps you overcome fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame, painful emotions, sabotaging habits, and destructive beliefs.


Read the testimonials and think:

Is this the kind of help - and results - you want to see in your life?

Are you more likely to get them with or without my help?

And which way will be faster, easier, and more fun?

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Jen, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Peggy Kriss, PhD

Clinical and Consulting Psychologist


"I love Eldad's approach to coaching!

What a breath of fresh air.

Full of insight and compassion, Eldad is encouraging his clients to feel curious and nonjudgmental, helping them explore new ways to manage life's joys and difficulties.

Yes, thoughts and feelings will sometimes be so painful,
but Eldad will provide you with the skills and resilience to learn, adapt and transform."

Miriam, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Miriam Kanani,


"I was able to discover deep insights about my Enneagram type, my subconscious programming, and my ego.

I walked away with many tools in my toolkit of truly understanding how I operate in the world and how I can I be less reactive and more empathic.

I found Eldad's coaching to be direct, powerful, and insightful.
He is a great listener, and an organized facilitator.

I would highly recommend his services to all looking to understand themselves on a deeper level! "

chritina, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Christina Vagle,

Christina Vagle LLC

"I learned so much about myself in my sessions with Eldad and feel like I grew so much.

Growth and change can be scary, but Eldad is there to hold your hand as you push past the uncomfortable. He challenges you to really look at yourself and the stories you may tell yourself, without judgment or fear.

I am grateful for this experience! Thank you, Eldad!"

Itai, Better Life Awareness Center & Eldad Ben-Moshe testimonial review

Itai Peleg,

Entrepreneur, Hostel Transilvania & Kajol Lavan travel agency

"Bottom line, I ended up with many new insights, in a relatively short time.
Highly recommended, thank you Eldad."







Live a Better, Bigger Life.

Become Your Legend.


As an executive and entrepreneur, you have the power to inspire, achieve your biggest dreams, and create a legacy that will live on long after you're gone. 

Don't settle for mediocrity. Push the limits of what you think you're capable of and break through toward a truly extraordinary life. 

Join us now on the frontier of executive and entrepreneurial transformation and become a living legend - for yourself and future generations.