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What do you want to have more of in your life: Love or fear? (The wolves story)

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What do you want to have more of in your life: Love or fear?

 By Eldad Ben-Moshe ✨ (Reading Time:  2 minutes)

❤ Hi there Better Lifers!

There's a story about an elder of the Cherokee tribe who was sitting with his grandson.

The grandson was troubled and came to his grandfather for advice.

So the elder told his grandson about a terrible battle that is happening inside all humans:

"There's a battle inside all of us," he said.

"It is a battle between the white wolf and the dark wolf that live inside our mind.”

The grandson pondered about it for a while, and then he asked:
"Who wins the battle, grandpa?"

And his grandfather answered:
"The wolf you choose to feed."


In previous emails and blog posts, I wrote that every choice you make in life is always a choice between motives, a choice between love and fear. 

(to learn more about that, go here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, aaaaand here. Yep, this point is that critical.)

These are the white and the dark wolves that live in your mind -
and of course, you can change the wolves metaphor to any name you'd like.

A Course in Miracles, for example, tells us that we have but one choice, and that one choice is between love and fear, ego and the Holy Spirit, truth and illusion.

These are all different names for the same one choice.

Just like in the story about the wolves, it is an internal battle inside of us.
The wolves are just a different metaphor for the same choice.

It's a choice between two belief systems, between your identities -
and the choice you make feeds one belief and deprives the other.

Therefore, it will also create your destiny.


There are no neutral choices.

It's critical to understand that there are no neutral choices.

Every choice you’ll ever make feeds one wolf or the other.

If you feed the white wolf, he gets stronger,
and the dark wolf gets weaker, as he remains un-fed.

And if you feed the dark wolf?
You’ll have to deal with the consequences of that...


Practical Actionable Steps - From Information to Transformation:

Be mindful as you live your life.

Ask yourself throughout the day:

“What do I want to have more of in my life:
Love or fear?”.

Remember that every choice you make feeds one and weakens
the other.

So when you choose fear... 
You made your dark wolf stronger, and your experience of love weaker.

But when you choose from love?

You'll always have more love in your mind, and less fear.

And you will see how it will become much easier to make better
choices and live a happier, better, love-full life.

That is how you really change your destiny -

Not by "manifesting" (don't get me started on that again!)...

But by powerful, mindful, wise choices that cultivate love and weakens fear's hold over your mind.


To your better life,
with tons of đź’–

Eldad Ben-Moshe

Founder, Teacher, and Coach
Better Life Awareness Center