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Can we let go of our fears, beliefs, and stories?

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Letting go of our fears, beliefs, and stories better life


(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 1 minute)

❤ Hey there Better Lifers!

Pain and suffering are a serious issue.

But sometimes the best way to learn - and to remember - how to deal with it all,
is through a joke. 😉

As the Course in Miracles says -
part of the problem is that we are remembering not to laugh... 🙃

I love this one from Mooji. 
It is both funny and so on point! 

Letting go of our fears, our beliefs, our stories -
and our attachment to them,

is absolutely a must for relieving and overcoming emotional pain and suffering,
and to living a happier, better life. 

I hope you'll enjoy this video and find it both funny and beneficial,
at least as much as I do. 

To your better life,
with tons of 💖

Eldad Ben-Moshe
Founder, Teacher & Coach,
Better Life Awareness Center


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