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The key to real freedom, happiness and safety

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The key to real freedom, happiness and safety

(By Eldad Ben-Moshe Reading Time: 2 minutes)

❤ Hey there Better Lifers!

Judging from your responses,
last week’s email stirred up some emotions and fears for many of you...

So let’s deal with that.

“I want more money because if I have enough money I’ll have freedom, happiness and safety.”

Does that sound familiar?

It sounds so natural, obvious and true that 99.9% of the people take that assumption for granted, 

never bothering to check if it’s even true…

or if it might even harm you...
...or even be in your way of experiencing that freedom, happiness and safety.

But we want real freedom, happiness and safety, right?
So let’s have a closer look at that!

It only takes 2 quick, simple steps.

Step 1:  Examine the declaration.

“I want more money because if I have enough money I’ll have freedom, happiness and safety.”

What you’re really saying here is that you want freedom, happiness and safety - not money.

You believe money will give you all that.
But that’s a belief, not a fact.

Step 2:  Examine the belief.

Some money can help, obviously.

(unless we’re going all spiritual here, but since you still believe - at least in part- that you are a body or have a body, we're not doing that now).

But does any amount of money ever guarantee complete and total freedom, happiness or safety?


Unless you change your beliefs...
Even when you’ll have loads of money?

You’ll still believe your freedom, happiness and safety depend on having “enough” money,

The inevitable result?
You’ll keep wanting more…

Never free.
Never happy.
Never safe.

Always a prisoner.

Yes, money can certainly help you do things, get things, go places, have some fun…

But it will not give your real, long-lasting, unconditional  freedom, happiness or safety (and we’re not even mentioning buying love, right?)

Only getting free from your beliefs will set you free, remove the blocks from true happiness, and help you see what really gives safety.

Until then?

Your beliefs are holding you in prison, PREVENTING the very freedom, happiness and life that you seek.

You are a prisoner of your beliefs.
But you’re also the jailor that is holding the key.

The prison is made from your beliefs.
The key that opens the prison door is to change your beliefs, or stop believing them.

And the reason you’re not using the key and setting yourself free is fear.

The only way to be free is to stop believing your beliefs,
stop believing your stories and fears -
and seeing them for what they are:

Stories, not facts.

And that’s true to all beliefs - not just about money.

Practical Actionable Steps- From Information to Transformation:


1. Thank your fears for trying to protect you - 


but don’t believe the frightening story they tell you.

Don’t take it as a fact.



2. Dare to doubt fear’s story.


Doubt fear’s story about reality.

That is the very very first step to real freedom, happiness and safety.

You will never have them until you’re very good at doubting your beliefs, your stories, your fears.

That’s a promise.


To your better life,
with tons of 💖

Eldad Ben-Moshe
Founder, Teacher, and Coach
Better Life Awareness Center



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