đź’–Free special giftđź’–Meditation 101: Learn to meditate with ease and gain peace, health, and clarity

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Meditation 101: Learn to meditate with ease and gain peace, health, and clarity

đź’–Freeđź’–Special gift for relieving stress, anxiety, worry, distress, and painful emotions.

Meditation is also extraordinary for connecting to your guidance, gaining clarity, and for overall health.

If you need more of these in your life, then this free training is the perfect gift for your Self:

  • Experiencing less stress.
  • Having more peace in your life.
  • Becoming less reactive, worried and anxious.
  • Becoming  more focused.
  • Boosting your immune system.
  • Increasing your energy.
  • And it even helps with heart disease and blood pressure.

(No result is ever guaranteed.)

What People Are Saying:

This course was game-changing for me. Eldad makes meditation so accessible and easy to start. He helps you understand the benefits of meditation on a consistent basis and allows you to find a way to commit to it in a way that feels free and easy, while enabling you to do it in a way that actually feels good to YOU! I think I'll even manage to get my husband onboard!! Thanks so much.

Natalie Pinnell

This course is just beautiful. It will guide you step by step, with a warm and loving voice, until you will be familiar with the experience of meditation. I have been meditating before, but something in this method is a lot more comfortable for me. And it took me beyond meditation, to a place where I am more non-judgemental, and more connected to the parts in myself that I love the most. Thank you.

Yuval Gaon

I loved this meditation training. Finally, someone explains what is meditation and how to do it in a few easy steps. Since I learned how to do it, I do the meditation every day, gaining all the benefits of meditation. If wasn't for Eldad, this would have never happened. Thank you, Eldad.

Itai Peleg

In this challenging period of my life I wanted to try practicing mediation to bring more balance to my life. Thanks to this meditation training I am feeling great improvement with my mental health. I tried other meditation techniques but my mind was always wandering away. With the technique that Eldad is teaching, I'm able to concentrate and stay focused and I'm seeing a big improvement in my meditation. I truly believe that by practicing mediation you can improve as a person, even during hard times. Thanks to Better Life Awareness Center I can understand and learn more and more how I can practice meditation no matter the time and the place.

Yoav Braude

I found Eldad’s meditation training to be supremely helpful... He teaches the foundations in an accessible manner without over complicating the matter with fancy apps and subscription plans like most other resources out there. Instead, this reaches the heart of the matter which allows you to call on the training when you truly need it. Any place or any time, I feel I have the tools to calm my mind and find a little peace. Thanks Eldad!

Sarah Thomas