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My favorite, most effective 5 ways for a healthy quick relief when emotional pain comes to visit again.

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When I find myself in times of trouble, this story changes everything suffering painful emotion

 (By Eldad Ben-MosheReading Time: 5 minutes)

I had a tough weekend.

You know how it goes.
Simple small life stuff can be so painful and hard.
But there are things that can help.

And in this post, I'll give you my favorite, most effective
5 ways for a healthy quick relief when emotional pain comes to visit again.

Immediate relief isn’t a solution in the long run.
But many times, It's the one thing that stops the snowball of emotional
pain from getting bigger and bigger, becoming too much to handle.

The wrong quick relief can be dangerous, though.

This is why I'm always talking about handling painful emotions in a mindful, healthy way. 

Sometimes referred to as 'maladaptive coping techniques',
some ways for getting a quick relief can do much more damage than good. 

Examples include alcohol, food, TV, drugs, but also deeper patterns of reaction
such as anxiety, becoming angry and aggressive, passive-aggressive,
pretending things are ok when they're not, etc.

It doesn’t take much for life to bring emotional pain to our doorstep. 

This weekend, it was a comment from Erica that got me triggered
(ownership & response-ability reminder: it’s not about her, it’s about how I deal with it.
It’s never about the other person.
No one can take away your peace and happiness but you).

Then Erica got sick, and I went to her work instead of her,
selling her amazing skincare and aromatherapy products in a street fair
(check it out at Elka Herbal's online store).

I Kept taking care of her until about Tuesday at noon while taking
care (together) of our little boy all that time as well.

Missing days of work in Better Life Awareness Center as a result,
and having to handle all that now that I'm back.

But most of all, dealing with the emotional pain and mind-stories,
which translated to physical exhaustion too.

All that happened this weekend can be hard, but nothing super
extreme in and of itself.

But the experience we have can be painful and hard even from
much smaller things than that.


So yes, I had a hard weekend.

This is where having your practices really helps.

Let’s be honest - Life is so hard and painful sometimes.

It’s in those hard times, where things are triggering and painful,
that you want something reliable, proven, that you can just go to,
do it, and things will get better instantly, even if for a short time.

Like an immediate supply of oxygen to help you breathe better
and regroup, stopping the mind’s and heart’s race towards
even harder, more painful emotions and stories.

You want to know what to do, how to deal with the pain.


You don't want to start thinking about how to do it or google for an answer.
You want to just know what to do.
You want an easy, quick win.

Well worry not - your friend Eldad is here to help.

So here are my favorite, most effective 5 ways for a healthy
quick relief when emotional pain comes to visit again.

They do work in the long run too, which is part of why they are so good.

But sometimes, you need to take care of things right now, before they get worse.

1. Meditation.

It can be even 3 minutes of sitting still and focusing.
As a quick win, it’s not going to a cave and finding enlightenment.

Keep it simple and doable.

I've been practicing meditation from 2003, and teaching it too,
and I know for a certainty that it really changes your entire life.

It did for me.

2. A course in miracles.

A Course in miracles is filled with so much wisdom, but also tons of practicality.

When emotional pain arises, all I need to do is my daily exercise,
and I'm already in a different situation in my mind, body, and heart.

I've been studying and practicing the course since 2005.
I'm also teaching it and using it as a coach to this day.

It has an incredible effect not only on my life,
but on the lives of my students and coaching clients as well.

Her's the free, online, searchable version of A Course in Miracles:

3. B-AIR(™).

The name B-AIR is an acronym of the 4 steps this system offers:
Breath, Acknowledge, Investigate, and Respond.

But for an even quicker win and relief, the first step alone (Breath) does magic.

Ever since the B-AIR system came into my life, things changed dramatically.
It's so on point and simple to use, and it never failed me yet.

In my free guide to the  B-AIR system (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE),
you can find easy and clear guidance on how to breathe in a way
that will give you the relief you need in a mindful, healthy way.

(hint: it’s less about how you breathe and more about your mind.)

4. The Enneagram.

Unless you work with a professional Enneagram coach,
you might think that  the Enneagram is all about typing
and not about practice.


Finding your personality type is only 10% of what this deep
transformative approach is all about.

I've been studying and practicing the Enneagram since 2005.
I'm also teaching it and using it as a coach.

Almost anyone I speak to about the Enneagram agrees that
it's an amazingly accurate map of our personality types.

Comments like 'it's painfully true' are very common when
the Enneagram is being properly used.

As a certified Enneagram coach, I know the right and effective exercises
for each type in each situation, and I use it in my life as well, of course.

I only teach what I practice myself and brings me results.

5. Take it to your body.

To me, a walk, yoga, stretching, tai chi, or getting into a source
of water like a river, lake, ocean, or even the shower, does magic.

The magic of taking it to the body is that it’s grounding.
Done right, it can take you out of your head-stories and into
what’s happening now, at least in the short term.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways for the oh-so-necessary quick win
when times are tough and painful emotions are taking control of your life.

Use them to start the change when painful emotions and destructive
beliefs get a hold of you in order to stop that terrifying emotional snowball.

Then go and work on the long term too -
problems aren’t solved in the long run with short term solutions.

The good news is that the first 4 ways I’ve mentioned above can be
used for a long term solution too. 

Final note: You can do this! 


Choose the thing(s) that inspire you the most, don’t over-do it, keep it simple and joyful. 


Take one baby step at a time. 


Remember -

  1. Implement.
  2. Baby steps.
  3. Joyfully.

I hope these 5 practices help you whenever needed.

And do feel free to write back and ask me questions if you need
any support or clarification.

To your better life,
with tons of 💖

Eldad Ben-Moshe
Founder, Teacher, and Coach
Better Life Awareness Center                                                                                



What are the ways you are getting your quick wins in time of emotional pain?

Something reliable, proven, that you can just go to, do it,
and things will get better instantly?