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How To Easily Overcome Your Fears And Dramatically Increase Your Chances For Success And Happiness In Life

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Overcome Your Fears And Dramatically Increase Your Chances For Success And Happiness In Life Better Life


(By Eldad Ben-Moshe ✨ Reading Time: 3 minutes)


❤ Hey there Better Lifers!

Unlike many others, 

I’m not a “you can manifest reality” kind of guy.

Oh, no.

Don’t even get me started about that.


But there is one thing you DO create all the time, consciously and unconsciously, and that is your experience of your reality.

In fact...

You and I do it every day of our lives.

Take the fear of failure, for example.

Like any fear, it is nothing but imagining possible unfavorable future result.

This imagination creates feelings of anxiety, stress, inadequacy, or perhaps even humiliation -
even though nothing really happened yet. 

You have not failed yet,
but you experience the same emotional (and physical) experience you feel when you fail.


And here’s the key:

Your brain and nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined one. 


Wait, Eldad - WHAT???

Yes, my dear friend. This is so big that I might as well say it again:

Your brain and nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined one. 



You always act and react according to what you believe to be the truth, or reality.

For example, 
suppose you believe that you’re in danger.
In that case, your body and mind will react accordingly, even if you are entirely safe.

You will be “on guard,” looking out for danger;
your muscles will be tighter, your mind will be more alert, and your thoughts might scare the s*it out of you -
even if the reality is that you are entirely safe.


I know it’s surprising, but that’s the way it is. 

Your mind and your nervous system can’t tell reality from imagination;
real failure, for example, from imagined failure.

Thus, if you believe you’ll fail or even just worry about it?

The more you dwell upon that failure and continually picture it to yourself,
it becomes real to your mind and nervous system.

You’ll experience the feelings that go with failure - 
even though it didn’t happen yet. It’s just a possible future.


The good news?


This works both ways, of course:

Instead of focusing on the possibility of failure,
you can 
focus on the possibility of success.

You can just as much keep a “positive” outcome in mind and picture it to yourself so vividly that it feels real;

And if you’ll think of it in terms of an accomplished fact -
feel how it would feel when you have achieved it (that is the real secret here).

Then you’ll also experience winning feelings, self-confidence, courage, and faith that the outcome will be desirable.  



This is where many of the “you can manifest reality” people get confused, in my humble opinion:

This does not mean that we will win.
You did not create a 
reality of winning.

But you did increase your chances to win - by creating your
That is the one thing you create, your experience of reality, not reality itself.

“Reality” can still kick you in the face. You do not control reality. You can still fail. 

Simple, Practical, Actionable steps (that actually work):

Whatever your desired result, in any given situation - 
be it closing a deal, healing your relationship, overcoming anger, or attaining enlightenment:

  1. Define your goal or desired result - and WHY you want it.
    • If it is time-sensitive and you want it now, clarify why you want it now. 

  2. Picture that result to yourself clearly and vividly. 
    • The key here is to feel how it would feel like when you have accomplished it.

  3. Then capture that feeling - and decide, or act, from it.

  4. Pro tip: 
    Keep that feeling with you throughout your day by remembering it, repeating this exercise, etc.

    You can do this in many ways -
    for example, by setting the alarm on your phone every hour. 

    You just need something to trigger your memory, as you are more than likely to forget all about it. 
    In fact, you have an unconscious desire to forget about it(!).

In doing this, you are using your subconscious mind’s power to increase your well-being and live the happier, better life that you want and deserve.



Final note: You can do this! 

 Remember -

  • Implement.
  • Baby steps.
  • Joyfully.

Done is better than perfect.

To your better life,
with tons of 💖

Eldad Ben-Moshe
Founder, Teacher, and Coach
Better Life Awareness Center