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What is spiritual awakening anyway? (a clear, simple explanation)

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What is spiritual awakening spiritual awakening spiritual

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“Once you have recognized that there are other realities,
other than the one you have been familiar with,
your life starts to change. 

I don’t care whether you got it from a joint;

whether you got it from meditation,  whether you got it from sex,
whether you got it from trauma; whether you got it from surfing; 

whether you got it from religious ecstasy,

you could have got it in temple or church,
thousand different ways.

Whatever thing you did that took you beyond yourself.

Whatever it was, if you acknowledged it as real as what you have started from,
you are on the way. 


That is what is known as awakening.


From the moment you have awakened,
that is you acknowledged the fact that you are more than you think you are
and that the universe is different than your conceptual structure has it to be, 

from then on the rest of your life is all the grist for the mill of awakening;

It’s all that process that the awakened awareness uses the stuff from then on in order to get free, it’s all the journey to freedom from then on…

The game is that you take what is on your plate,
and you use it through which to become free.”

– Ram Dass


The bottom line of this is:

  1. Spiritual awakening involves going beyond yourself and your concepts about who you are and about the world.

  2. The way you got to the above #1 is not important. It can happen in thousands of ways.

  3. Use everything that happens to become free and awakened. 


Practical Actionable Steps - From Information to Transformation:

How can you do 1 & 3?

Here are 2 of the best ways I know, from the experience of over 15 years:

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🎯 A Course in Miracles:
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