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What People Are Saying:

Eldad has a deep understanding of the human nature.

Osnat Yadgar, Founder - The Israeli Enneagram Center

Eldad was able to help me type myself. Once I discovered I was most definitely a type 4 a lot opened up for me! I was able to see myself not as a failure or broken, but instead see that I was either in a healthy or unhealthy state. I also learned that some of my patterns were very normal for type 4's and that helped me neutralize negative beliefs around that.

Mallory McClelland

In just a few short weeks of working with Eldad I felt like an entirely different person.

Natalie Pinnell, Founder - Vida Virtual Support

I was able to discover deep insights about my Enneagram type, my subconscious programming, and my ego. I walked away with many tools in my toolkit of truly understanding how I operate in the world and how I can I be less reactive and more empathic.

Miriam Kanani

Eldad is a compassionate guide. His analysis of the Enneagram helped me understand myself and my husband more than years of therapy.

Jen Myzel Swanson