Healing & Sickness in A Course in Miracles online workshop

Immediate lifetime access to The Healing & Sickness in ACIM online workshop - $749 Value.

βœ… All 8 lessons (over 9 hours!! of priceless ACIM content), including: 

  • What does A Course in Miracles teach us about healing?

  • What does A Course in Miracles teach us about sickness?

  • What are healing & sickness?

  • Why and how do they show up in our lives?

  • Why is sickness β€œa defense against the truth”?
    If I have covid, flu, or cancer - how is that a defense against the truth?

  • Why is it that "When I am healed I am not healed alone", and what does that even mean?

  • How come "Only salvation can be said to cure"?
    Can't medicine or healthy food cure sickness? Should we not take medicine?

  • How is healing accomplished?

  • Is Healing Certain?

  • Does Jesus have a special place in healing?

  • What does A Course in Miracles say about the body?

  • What are "the laws of healing"?

    And so. much. more.

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In just a few short weeks of working with Eldad I felt like an entirely different person and I am living a much more balanced and centered existence.

Natalie Pinnell, Founder - Vida Virtual Support

Eldad is a fantastic, intuitive and experienced coach, who offered me and others in my organization professional and compassionate coaching in marketing, business strategy and personnel.

Simcha Schwartz, Director of Development, Wilderness Torah

Eldad's analysis of the Enneagram helped me understand myself and my husband more than years of therapy.

Jen Myzel Swanson, Musician and Educator

To sign up for coaching with Better Life Awareness was one of the best decisions and investments in my growth and expansion in 2020. Eldad is a very professional coach, an expert in the field with great intuition.

Goga Brelih, Founder and Managing Director at Leverage the Energies

When I began working with Eldad, I knew I had hit the jackpot. As a coach myself, I have received assistance from a wide variety of individuals with varying levels of skill. Eldad is the real deal. He is very intuitive at pushing to the exact extent that is truly helpful. Working with Eldad has been a GREAT decision ~ and I do not hesitate for one moment to wholeheartedly recommend his coaching and classes.

Patricia Keeler, Somatic Coach, Empowered Sensitivity

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