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The Self-Care Bundle! 💖🎁

  1. 4 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with Eldad each year...
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  8. Limited seats available: You are guaranteed 4 sessions/year upon every renewal so I must limit the number of people who can take advantage of this offer.

What People Are Saying:

In just a few short weeks of working with Eldad I felt like an entirely different person and I am living a much more balanced and centered existence. I feel resilient and equipped to handle what life throws at me. Eldad creates a powerful safe space full of compassion and incredible insight and gives you lifelong tools to help support you in creating the life you want to live.

Natalie Pinnell, Founder - Vida Virtual Support

Eldad is a fantastic, intuitive and experienced coach, who offered me and others in my organization professional and compassionate coaching in marketing, business strategy and personnel.

Simcha Schwartz, Director of Development, Wilderness Torah

I was able to discover deep insights about my Enneagram type, my subconscious programming, and my ego. I walked away with many tools in my toolkit of truly understanding how I operate in the world and how I can I be less reactive and more empathic. I found Eldad's coaching to be direct, powerful, and insightful. He is a great listener, and an organized facilitator. I would highly recommend his services to all looking to understand themselves on a deeper level!

Miriam Kanani, Educator

Growth and change can be scary, but Eldad is there to hold your hand as you push past the uncomfortable. He challenges you to really look at yourself and the stories you may tell yourself, without judgment or fear. I am grateful for this experience! Thank you, Eldad!

Christina Vagle, Christina Vagle LLC

I am honestly amazed at how much I have learned about myself! It has been very revealing to uncover negative thought patterns which have been leading to anxiety and unhappiness. I am very grateful for the peace it has brought me to shine a light on these ideas and to learn that there is nothing to be afraid of. Eldad is very gifted at gently guiding you to uncover for yourself the possible roots of your own unhappiness. He then teaches you how to unlock rigid thought patterns and ideas in order to find inner peace and happiness. I can think of no better guide for the process - with laughs, smiles and kindness, I am very grateful for Eldad’s coaching and the peace these lessons continue to bring me.

Sarah Thomas

To sign up for coaching with Better Life Awareness was one of the best decisions and investments in my growth and expansion in 2020. Eldad is a very professional coach, an expert in the field with great intuition.

Goga Brelih, Founder and Managing Director at Leverage the Energies