The Enneagram Blueprint Show™:

What is the Enneagram, what are the 9 personality types, how is it so successful in changing so many lives - and what must you know about it?


With this show you will discover the essential blueprint of the 9 types, and:


What is the Enneagram? What does it teach about ourselves and others?

What are the 9 personality types and what is their true function?


Why is the Enneagram so successful in changing so many people's lives?

What are the core building blocks of your personality?


What determines your actions, thought and emotions?


What is each type's core belief, fear, and need?


What is each type's automatic focus of awareness and action?

What are each type's gifts and shadows?


What are the prices each type pays for their strategy?


What is each type's ultimate mission for growth & happiness?


And so. much. more.

The Enneagram Blueprint Show is the best Enneagram introduction content out there, with over 10 hours(!) of free, detailed, high-quality Enneagram videos to help you deepen your understanding, and practical usage, of the Enneagram.  


Take a huge step towards your next transformational breakthrough with this free - yet priceless - resource.

The Enneagram is a journey of self-discovery that helps you change your life.

It's a complex dynamic model that helps you understand your personality, strengths, and challenges - and those of others.

It also helps you examine how you relate to yourself, to others, and the world.

With its wisdom and practical, transformational insights, it changed many lives around the globe, and grows in popularity.


Properly used or with the right knowledge or the right help, you can use the Enneagram not just to understand yourself and others, but also to make extremely beneficial changes in your life.

  • It helps you know yourself better, your automatic defense mechanism, the personality patterns you operate from - and WHY.
  • It helps you relate to others better and build better relationships.
  • It helps you fulfill your full potential.
  • It helps you avoid your habitual traps.

The Enneagram Blueprint Show™ is the best way to start your life-changing journey with the Enneagram, or to get clarity on questions you have as someone who already studies and practices this beautiful path.

That sounds perfect! I'd love to watch this show.

Learn from a teacher you can trust:


Miriam Kanani,

Educator, Coaching client

"I was able to discover deep insights about my Enneagram type, my subconscious programming, and my ego.

I walked away with many tools in my toolkit of truly understanding how I operate in the world and how I can I be less reactive and more empathic. "


Mallory McClelland,

The Now Age Mom, Inc., Coaching Client

"Eldad was able to help me type myself. Once I discovered I was most definitely a type 4 a lot opened up for me!

I was able to see myself not as a failure or broken, but instead see that I was either in a healthy or unhealthy state. I also learned that some of my patterns were very normal for type 4's and that helped me neutralize negative beliefs around that."


Meet your instructor & coach,
Eldad Ben-Moshe

“Ok, Eldad, this looks very relevant for me, and it’s convincing… but who are you?”

While I’m not into singing my praise, I do understand that you might want information about me to help you decide whether to join or not. Many people need that sometimes.

So here are a few facts about me that might help you decide:

I'm the founder of the Better Life Awareness Center, where I coach and teach.

Born in 1976, I've been a certified Enneagram coach since 2009 (and a former successful self-employed lawyer.)

Thrown by chance into the deep water of managing multi-million dollars, life-saving, extremely urgent projects at the young age of 19, and excelling at that, was a massive milestone in my development. 

With time, I also learned to manage another kind of 'project', and how to help others do the same:
The 'project' of having a happy, healthy life that is truly worth living.

As a former world traveler, wherever I lived, whatever I did, I saw that real happiness (& suffering) are not a result of life's circumstances and external forces. Yes, they have an effect. No, we can't control them, and no, I'm not at all into 'manifestation' as means for happiness (don't get me started on that! 🤣).

Spiritual as I am, my path is a very grounded one. It involves extreme ownership & responsibility, hard work, and integrity. And a lot of fun, curiosity, and love too.


In 2003 my life took a turn as I started studying the causes of our suffering and happiness through profound teachings on both the spiritual causes and the psychological ones.

I've been practicing transformational psychological & spiritual teachings from the East and the West daily ever since.

I've been studying, practicing, and living the Enneagram's teachings and exercises since 2005 - every single day.

As a coach,
I use my vast experience to combine these powerful psychological and spiritual approaches in a unique way tailored individually to your inclinations.

I've been helping my clients achieve a happier, better life, as the many loving, grateful testimonials demonstrate better than any word I could write.

As a teacher, one of my super-powers is bringing clarity and structure into chaos - for example, by breaking down big, hard-to-grasp content such as the Enneagram's teachings into small, clear, actionable steps.

In other words, I make things easy to understand - and take action on.

I'm an expert in using extremely transformational methods such as the Enneagram, A Course In Miracles, Mindfulness, Meditation, and my own B-AIR™ system. 

I was also a teaching assistant in Enneagram coaching certification courses when I lived in Israel.

I taught mindfulness, meditation, Enneagram, Course in Miracles, and yoga classes in Mexico, Israel, the United States, and Brazil - and even at the jail (volunteering, I wasn't an inmate! 🤣).

I'm also a loving father to my boy Matan, which in Hebrew means 'giving.'

My ultimate mission in life: To become the most loving being I can be, the cleanest channel for love - and help you do the same.